Technical Writing Advice for Your Grad Students

I also write a blog called “The Art of Scientific Communication“. It’s aimed primarily at graduate students in engineering and science who are faced with the daunting task of writing a thesis and who could use some help and advice to make the experience less stressful and overwhelming.  If, like me, one of your LEAST favourite jobs is reviewing and editing students’ theses and reports – then this blog might just help you (and your students) out.  It contains advice that I have been giving my own students for years – and is particularly handy because I can just refer them to specific posts as specific issues or topics come up.  I used to have all of this in a little technical manual – but it seemed no one was taking the time to read the whole thing.  Somehow, putting it into ‘bite-sized’ pieces seemed more effective for today’s young people.

Here are some examples of posts on The Art of Scientific Communication blog:

Writing your thesis or report – where to start?

Say  – what the heck is a paragraph anyway?

The “four drafts” approach to speed writing…

Consistency – an important step in the preening process…

Content preening – or how NOT to torture your thesis committee…

Using figures and tables effectively…

How to write your Introduction, Abstract and Summary

Steps for writing  your Literature Review

Writing a winning scholarship proposal

Please check it out and let me know what you think!  I hope you’ll refer your grad students to it frequently.  Think of it as another way to save you time and hopefully make your life easier.


2 thoughts on “Technical Writing Advice for Your Grad Students

  1. This is great. Why doesn’t the English department at a university offer a course like this, and why don’t the graduate programs require it? My PhD is in physics, I knew how to write well, but never had a course targeted to my needs as a writer. Friends who went to medical school or law school had a research course, it wasn’t research per se, but was geared toward writing papers and properly citing literature.

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